Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary announced it has applied to the State of New York to operate solely from its campus in Lower Manhattan effective Fall 2019. We want to take this time to be as transparent as possible and provide students and their families with more information on the next steps.

Please review the FAQs below for more information, broken down by topics. If you have additional questions, you can also visit our Directory for contact information.


What led you to apply to shift to New York City?

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary are taking the appropriate steps for all operations to return to New York City, where it was founded in 1882, for the following four primary reasons:

  • New York City positions Nyack missionally –
    • Nyack’s mission is to prepare men and women to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. The 21st century world is globalized and urbanized, but most Christian colleges in our nation operate in small towns and suburbs. Few Christian colleges exist in the large cities of the U.S. Nyack and ATS is doing what we have always done; we are going where the need is.
  • New York City positions Nyack relationally –
    • Academic excellence requires partnership.  Partnerships are crucial to identifying and recruiting students and to providing field-based learning experiences. Creating strategic alliances in the New York City community vastly expands opportunities for our students to have internships and hands-on experiences not available anywhere else.
  • New York City positions Nyack strategically –
    • Our founder, A.B. Simpson, envisioned taking the life-transforming, socially relevant Gospel of Jesus to the whole world. To fulfill this vision, our alumni enter a broad spectrum of “worlds”—the business world, the world of the arts, the social services world, and the educational world—to name just a few. Nowhere do these worlds converge like they do in New York City.
  • New York City positions Nyack economically –
    • To continue to provide affordable and personally transforming Christian higher education to our students, Nyack must continue to reduce its operational footprint and redesign its business model. Moving back to New York City is an important part of this process.

If Nyack’s application is approved by the State of New York, when are you planning on fully moving to NYC?

We will transition all of our programs—academics, athletics and operations to our New York City campus beginning with the Fall semester of 2019.

Why wasn’t this news communicated to me earlier?

Nyack College has been in dialogue with numerous government and regulatory bodies to gain the approval necessary to make this change. We are finally at the point in the process at which we can responsibly share this exciting news with you with reasonable certainty of its becoming a reality.

Has Nyack spoken to any government officials since announcing its intentions to shift to New York City?

Shortly after our announcement, Nyack College leadership spoke with South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian and had a very positive conversation. Mayor Christian was the first elected official to contact us directly. We are very grateful for Mayor Christian and our long friendship with her office. We have also since heard from County Executive Ed Day, another friend of our institutions. We are pleased for what the positive and productive dialogue we are having with both of these public officials.

You are stating that this move to New York City is a shift of the campus, do you mean closing?

No. These are certainly days of change for many colleges and universities, and you may have even heard or read about some schools closing. Nyack and ATS is making this move because we believe it to be an important strategic step towards keeping us viable for years to come.  We were first established in New York City and now we are heading home!

If Nyack's application is approved, what will be the average class size?

You can expect classes to be much the same as they are at Rockland, only in New York City they will meet in the state-of-the-art classrooms of our 2 Washington Street campus.  Plus, we are developing a number of fieldwork and hands on experiential courses we are excited to share with you!

What is going to happen to the Rockland campus?

Currently the plan is for the Rockland campus to be sold. The proceeds from this sale will be used to strengthen Nyack in NYC, to keep our tuition affordable and to continue the mission to which we believe God has called Nyack; namely, “To prepare men and women to live the whole gospel in the whole world.”

What will happen to Simpson’s grave site?

We will always feel a connection to Rockland. This special place is not only the resting place of our founder, but it is so much more. It’s a place where countless memories were created at Nyack College, and for that reason, Rockland is near and dear to our hearts. It is our intention that the grave site of Dr. and Mrs. Simpson remain where it is now with appropriate steps taken to ensure that this site is undisturbed.


Can I finish my major at the city campus?

Yes!  You can finish your current degree at Nyack in NYC and your education will now have the excitement and richness that comes from studying in one of the greatest learning environments in the world – New York City!

Will I be able to take the courses that I'm planning to take at the city campus?

Yes! Not only will we offer the courses necessary for your major at our world-class campus in Battery Park, Manhattan, but we are also providing you with options to study online.

Who will be my advisor?

Academic advising will look much the way it does right now. Faculty from your major will continue to advise you, and in some cases he or she will be the same advisor you have right now. Your advisor will already be familiar with you, your academic program and how to provide you with the best possible education.

Will I have all new professors?

You will certainly have some of the same professors you have already gotten to know.  But, you will now also have access to our incredible faculty who teaches at our Manhattan campus. The team working to provide your education has just gotten some new and exciting members.

How will my clinicals/fieldwork/student teaching work in the city?

We will have the same format for clinicals/fieldwork/student teaching, only now you will have access to an expanded array of opportunities the likes of which are unmatched by any Christian College in the country! That is the power of Nyack in NYC at work for you.

If students desire to complete their clinicals/fieldwork/student teaching at already assigned Rockland county locations, they will be able to do so. If housing in Rockland is required, we will work with you to set forth a viable solution.

Can I complete my major online?

As always, you can complete Nyack’s core courses online. For complete information about Nyack College online, visit this web page.

Can I take some of my required courses at a community college closer to home?

Nyack’s standard transfer policy continues to permit some courses to be taken at other institutions and transferred in to our majors. Please consult the current college catalog and talk to your academic advisor about any specific courses you seek to transfer.

Will my credits transfer if the Rockland campus is closed?

Nyack College is not closing, we are repositioning all of our academic programs and operations to our New York City location. When you continue your education at Nyack in NYC, all the credits you have earned will be counted just as they have always been. This may not be the case should you transfer to another college. You will need to consult other colleges on their credit transfer policies.

Is there a career services office to help with job placement at the city campus?

Yes. New York City actually provides far more networking and relational resources than we can offer from our Rockland campus. Placement at Nyack College will now have immediate access to a whole new array of resources and opportunities.

Is there an internship office to help me get an internship at the city campus?

Yes. But what’s really exciting is not that there’s an office. What’s exciting is what this office can now do for you! Nyack NYC’s internship office is connected to internship opportunities unlike any Christian College in the country! By returning home to New York City, Nyack is positioned to offer internship opportunities that are unlike those offered anywhere else. To learn more about internships, contact your faculty advisor.

Will I be able to get an on-campus job like I have in Rockland?

Yes, Federal College Work-Study is available in NYC. As in Rockland, these jobs are not guaranteed. Beyond this, the minimum wage in New York City is $15.00 an hour and you will have access to innumerable part time jobs near our new location.

What is the class schedule like at the city campus?

Nyack’s NYC schedule of classes is very similar to what you are used to at Rockland.  Classes begin and end the same dates as they have in Rockland. The complete Spring schedule will be available very soon, you can take a look and compare.


Will there be a change in tuition?


I heard there will be increased course offerings in Rockland for Summer 2019. How will that work financially?

For Undergrad students, we are offering tuition at 50% of the regular cost which is $520/credit or $6,250 for full-time (12-18 credits).  Room and Board will be offered for the first session (May & June) at a discounted rate of $1,350.  There will be no changes to cost for graduate students.

If we shift to the city campus and I am unable to commute, what happens to my credits?

We hope you’ll give Nyack in NYC prayerful consideration. But if Nyack in NYC is just not where you feel God is leading you to complete your college education, please know that we will work diligently to help you find your next college home and to transfer your Nyack credits there. No student will be left alone in this process.


Will my financial aid be the same at the city campus?

Yes, you will be able to receive 100% of your Nyack grants and scholarships at the NYC campus. Just like when you were enrolled at the Rockland campus, Federal and State aid applications will determine financial aid from those sources. But that amount will be the same when you are attending Nyack in NYC.

Will my scholarship change?

No, you will be able to receive 100% of your Nyack grants and scholarships at the NYC campus. Just like when you were enrolled at the Rockland campus, your Federal and State aid applications will determine financial aid from those sources. But that amount will be the same when you are attending Nyack in NYC.


Will there be housing options available so I can pay with my loans?

Yes. We are in the process of finalizing an arrangement that provides student housing for Nyack students in Jersey City, New Jersey, just a short ride on the PATH train from Nyack in NYC.  When full details of this arrangement become available, we will provide these for you.

Will dorm life be like dorm life in Rockland?

There will be adjustments for sure. All students should feel the full support of their classmates, their educators and the school administration during this process.


Will there be athletics at the city campus?

Yes. Our intention is to move athletics to the NYC campus. We are working on securing NCAA-approved fields and a facility for practice and games, as well as having a centralized athletic office with fitness center and training room. We are in the process of finalizing these arrangements. Your coach will forward this information as it is finalized. Contact your coach for up-to-the-minute information.


If I'm driving to the NYC Campus, is there parking?

Yes. One of the largest parking garages in Manhattan is only 200 yards from Nyack in NYC. This garage does not fill up and is open weekends.

How do I get to Nyack in NYC using mass transit?

Nyack in NYC is located just a short walk from the 1, the R, the 4&5, and the E; as well as the PATH and the Staten Island Ferry. A full table of rates for New York trains and buses can be found here.

Can my financial aid be used to pay for MetroCards?

Yes. The cost of MetroCards is something that can be covered by your student financial aid. If you take student loans in excess of your direct costs, you can receive a financial aid refund check as early as one month into the semester. These funds can be used to help cover indirect expenses such as MetroCards or other forms of transportation. You will need to cover these costs during the beginning of the semester and then use the refund check to “reimburse” yourself or whoever helped you cover these expenses during the beginning of the semester.

How do I get textbooks for classes at the city campus?

Barnes & Noble is an internationally known online book retailer that has an online store already in place.  You can visit their online store here.

Is there a cafeteria at the city campus?

There is an abundance of options for eating steps from the NYC campus. However, there is not a cafeteria.

Can my financial aid help me buy meals in the city?

Yes. As with transportation expenses, if you borrow a loan in excess of your direct costs, you can receive a financial aid refund check as early as one month into the semester.  These funds can be used to help cover indirect expenses such as the cost of meals. You will need to cover these costs during the beginning of the semester and then use the refund check to “reimburse” yourself or pay back a friend or family member who helped you cover expenses during the beginning of the semester.

Is there a gym at the city campus?

No. That’s one thing we do not currently have at our Nyack in NYC facility.

If I wish to live in a dorm, how do I sign up for a room?

We are working really hard to finalize information about residence life opportunities at Nyack in NYC, and we will make this available to you as soon as we can.  In the meantime, we expect that our sign up and room assignment process will be similar to what it is now.

What activities are available for students?

There are a growing number of student activities that are available at Nyack in NYC.  Join one of the current groups or follow your passion to start something new! Learn more about student life at NYC.

Will there still be GSL trips?

Yes. Nyack in NYC will be as globally engaged and socially relevant as ever.  Global Service-Learning trips will remain a unique and important part of a Nyack College education.

Is there HEOP at the city campus?

Yes. The HEOP program operates at Nyack in NYC. For full information on becoming a HEOP student at Nyack in NYC, contact the HEOP office directly by visiting here.

Is the library open in the evenings and weekends?

Yes.  The complete schedule for the Eastman Library can be seen here.

Are there computer labs available for student use at the city campus?

Yes. There are actually more computers for general student use at Nyack in NYC than there are in Rockland.

Where is the Registrar's Office at the city campus?

The Registrar’s Office at the city campus is easily accessible on the first floor behind the Admissions Office.

Is chapel required at the city campus?

Chapel is offered but it is not required. You’ll want to be there however to experience the dynamic worship, community building and the outstanding teaching provided by speakers from both the Nyack College/ATS campus community and the greater New York community of faith.

Is there a church that my son/daughter will be able to connect with?

Yes. People who really know New York City know it to be a city with a rich and vibrant Christian community.  We are excited about taking our place within this vibrant community to serve others and to build the Kingdom of God in this exciting place where God has led us.

How can I know my son/daughter will be safe in New York City?

New York is relatively safe compared to other large cities. Our students’ safety is and will continue to be a top concern.

Will there be room for everyone in the NYC campus?

Absolutely. Did you know that our Manhattan campus can accommodate 3,000 students?  We sincerely hope you’ll be one of them!

Why isn’t chapel mandatory in the New York City campus?

We hold chapel three days a week at our New York City campus, just like at our Rockland campus. The goal of any chapel program is to nurture vibrant spiritual life in the hearts of students. We are happy to report that this spiritual vibrancy is evident at both our Rockland and New York City campus. Nyack’s spiritual formation program is exemplary. We know that because last year representatives from other schools in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities visited Nyack to observe what we do in this area.